BCA Photo Shoot - What to Wear Ideas

We are honored to once again capture BCA’s marketing images. Congratulations on being selected to participate in BCA’s commercial photo shoot! Below are ideas for what photographs best.

Definitely dress students warmly, as some photos will be captured outdoors. Layers are a great option and photograph well. A dressy casual look works best for this type of photo shoot (i.e. Gap look).

Two of the most popular questions are "what to wear" and "how to prepare" for the photo shoot. 

Below are a few tips do's and don't to consider...

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We will often utilize hands in posing for portraits.  For this reason, clean, natural or neutral colored nails photograph best.  Chipped nail polish or colored nails can distract from the focus of the photograph.

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- incorporate textures (denim, lace, rosette, crochet, cable knit sweater, smocking, etc)...texture photograph well

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- wear something that reflects your style

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- brings accessories (chunky necklaces, scarves, chunky earrings, halos, headbands, bows, hats, etc...)

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- wear large graphics, text or large logos on clothing, as it distracts from the subject

- wear shorts - especially men - pants or jeans photograph best

--->>> . please no neon or fluorescent colors - they will leave a color cast on skin that will not edit out

- no sunglasses

- wear anything you are not willing to sit in - we photograph outdoors often in fields, urbane areas, etc...and we sit often for poses

-wear chipped or colored nail polish - these details show up in portraits and distract from the focus of the portrait

Outdoor photography:

Outdoor photography is shot in natural light, near sunrise or sunset for best lighting conditions.

——————>>>>>>> Avoid deeply saturated colors, neons, fluorescents and large graphics or logos.

Your hands may be very visible in headshots. Clean natural or light color nails photograph best (consider avoiding chipped nail polish or bright nail colors).

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